Lonmans' Karaoke System 1

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Mackie 1642VLZ4 16 channel mixer
Lexicon MPX100 vocal effects
Alesis Midiverb 3 for vocal effects.

(2) Symetrix 501 Single Channel Compressor/Limiter for vocal mics
dbx 1046 4 channel Compressor/Limiter for vocal mics
dbx 1066 2 channel Compressor/Limiter for overall system protection
dbx 231s dual 31 band eq for main eq'ing & feedback control.
BBE 482i Sonic Maximizer for system frequency alignment
dbx 223xs 3 Way Mono Crossover
dbx223xs 2 Way Stereo Crossover
Carvin DCM600 (High Frequencies)
QSC GX-5 (Low/Mid Frequencies)
Carvin DCM1000 (Sub Frequencies)
(3) Peavy SP-5
(1) Peavey DJS1800 18" Sub Cabinet

dbx 131s 31 band single channel eq.
dbx223xs 2 Way Stereo Crossover
Peavy CS200 Monitor Amp
(2) Peavy 12" Black Widow & 1" Compression Driver
Image not updated to reflect modifications
Pioneer V-860 All format (minus DVD & VCD)
Pioneer V-10G Dual Tray CD-G Player
(2) Shure SM58 Hand held Mics
(2) GTD Audio G-622H Wireless Mics
(1) Shure "T" Series Wireless SM58 (Contests Only)
8 Par 56 light cans
2 NSI 300 Watt Dimmer Packs
1 NSI 8 Channel Light Mixer
1 16" Mirror Balls (4 pin spots)
1 Avenger
1 Lunar
4 Martin Roboscan Intelligent Lighting
2 Laser Lights
1 Fog Hog (Rarely used anymore)
(1) 19" Color LCD Monitor on stage
(1) 80" Color TV For Audience
(1) 55" Color LCD TV For Audience
(2) 5" Color TV For host for disc cueing
DJ computer
1.9 gHZ, Celeron Processor, 4 gb Ram, 1 tb Hard Drive
(Used for quick song reference & OTS-DJ program for dj/fill music.)

MUSIC: We proudly use these manufacturer products but are not affiliated with any of these companies in any manner
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Pioneer original Laser Series
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American Karaoke
Sweet Georgia Brown
Karaoke Version
Karaoke computer:
2.8 gHZ, AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor 5400+, 8 gb Ram, 1 tb Hard drive for programs
(Used for MTU Video Karaoke Hoster only).